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We are a group of respected medical specialists providing independent medical examinations across all schemes.

With a thorough understanding of our obligations as expert witnesses we are able to provide reports which are unrivaled in quality, efficiency and objectivity.

We have a drive to remain balanced, considered and meticulous in our assessments of medical evidence. We provide services to insurers, plaintiff and defendant lawyers, employers and all other stakeholders.

Safe Work Australia is an Australian government agency that develops national policy to enhance work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia.

Safe Work Australia represents the interests of the Commonwealth, states and territories, as well as workers and employers, in pursuit of their vision of healthier, safer and more productive workplaces through improvements to WHS and workers’ compensation arrangements.

Perx Health motivates your members through their recovery, dramatically improving return-to-work rates by 1.7x and reducing length of claims by 57 days. To return workers to full health – especially with complex cases – it’s critical to build recovery habits quickly and to sustain that behavior throughout their recuperation.

This is where Perx excels. Perx delivers 90% adherence by making recovery tasks fun with rewards, gamification, leaderboards and community support. Adherence drives faster recoveries, with users seeing a 34% improvement in symptoms after 8 weeks and one partner projecting $3M savings. 

Find out how Perx can do the same for you.

Transform your workplace health with RediMed.

Founded in 2008, we have a clear purpose: to support all individuals through innovative, holistic, end-to-end healthcare.

Our comprehensive services focus on pre-employment assessments and the prevention, treatment and management of work-related injuries. We ensure your employee’s health is our top priority and we take time to understand your unique requirements to support the management of health conditions and optimise recovery outcomes. We employ some of the most experienced health professionals in the country and by supporting your people, and your business, we’re creating a healthier, more resilient Australia.

Quantumcorp provides a full range of investigation services to insurers, self-insurers, insurance lawyers, claims management companies, and large employers in all States and Territories throughout Australia.

We are not your everyday investigation firm:
We offer highly specialised investigation solutions, with investigators and support staff aligned to one of five distinct Practice Groups based on their qualifications, experience and skillset, including;

• Liability
• Workers Compensation
• General Insurance
• Surveillance & Online Investigations

We favour employee investigators over independent contractors.

We employ Technical Specialists to oversee quality.

We tie it all together with Q-track, our purpose built case management system which provides all users, including our clients, with a 360 degree case view 24/7/365.

Procare Group is a multidisciplinary national provider of personal injury insurance risk solutions.

Our expert and comprehensive offering across multiple divisions includes:

– Health, Wellbeing & Injury Prevention Services
– Injury Management, Return to Life & Work Services
– Investigation, Fraud & Forensic Services
– Medicolegal Services

Procare has over 25 years of experience with 40+ locations in all states and territories of Australia. Our experienced and proven team are grounded in authenticity and our enduring commitment to quality, flexibility, and customer experience.

We are excited to be a part of this year’s PIEF Conference in Perth. Come by our booth and say hello!

We pride ourselves on innovation, and key partnerships, with our leadership team ensuring a customised, flexible, adaptable, and proactive approach that’s always evolving.

Established in 2000, IA Health Group pioneered the Industrial Athlete concept and brought this focus to achieve employee health.

Over time we observed that the repetitive motion activities of athletes and industrial workers are comparable, resulting in similar injuries which can be prevented by similar sports-focused management.

This observation has been at the core of the IA Health Group vision of keeping all Industrial Athletes safe, proud and protected.

At I-MED Radiology, we have a vision – to be the most respected and trusted medical imaging specialists in the world. That’s our vision, underpinned by our purpose – to save lives and reduce uncertainty.

360 Medico Legal is a leading provider of independent expert medical assessments and quality medico legal reports for diverse cases and clients across Australia. 

 360 Medico Legal takes pride in delivering unbiased and balanced medico legal opinions and reports of the highest quality. Our independent medical reports are meticulously crafted by over 120 highly regarded independent medical experts, assisting with various legal and insurance matters. We work with plaintiffs, defendant lawyers, insurance companies, employers, claims managers, and corporate firms on a variety of cases and claims.

 We are also pleased to introduce 360 Occupational Health, our solution to providing immediate access to new and exclusive AMS accredited Occ Physicians.

Harness the power of a healthier workforce with Konekt
Konekt is one of Australia’s largest providers of injury prevention, injury management and workplace wellbeing services. With over 30 years of clinical expertise and national reach, and services extending across every stage of the employment lifecycle, makes us well positioned to help you build a healthier, happier, and thriving workforce.

We work in partnership with customers across the insurance, corporate, and government sectors to prevent and manage workplace injuries to reduce social and employment costs – creating a stronger community.

We are a government regulator, workers’ compensation insurer, claims manager and scheme administrator.

Through our role, we work with employees and other workers, employers, service providers and other organisations to:
· minimise the impact of harm in the workplace
· improve recovery at work and return to work
· promote the health benefits of good work.

We collaborate and partner with other schemes and organisations on research and innovative projects that improve outcomes.